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Client: Anna, Saraswati

Year: 2014-2015

Location: Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Built Up Area: 53

Type: Ceramic workshop

Team: Mona Doctor-Pingel, Kishore Rajaram, Anna Alma

Structure: Mona Doctor-Pingel

Contractor: Vinayagam 

Photo Credits: Mona Doctor - Pingel

The clients two Russian ceramists approached us for designing an extension for their existing pottery studio, in the kinder garden area. The main concern for them was the rat infestation from the tiled roof and the shortage of storage area. They also wanted a space where they could work conveniently in all season/ weather conditions.  They mainly conducted classes for adults and children in the weekends apart from their daily practice at the studio.

The kindergarten team insisted us to make tiled roofs, so as to follow the language of whole campus. But, clients were reluctant because of the rat infestation as they would topple over their paints and ceramics would get broken etc…

We came up with the idea satisfying both the conditons by having low RCC roof and a tile roof on top. This creates an attic space for storage and also keeps the place coo by acting as a second protective layer from the sun. We have provided good amount of skylights to lit up whole studio with adequate daylight.

As the project was funded by government the budget was very low. Hence the palette is kept simple using exposed brick outside and plastered inside. Natural stone flooring, built in storage and electric kilns are provided within the studio.

The plan of the building is simple rectangle and has a offset at one corner creating an interesting corner spaces. The outdoor semi-open spaces are designed to double up as a place to conduct weekend classes / workshops.

We also tried to incorporate some of the ceramic products like spouts and plates in the ceiling and flooring as an design element. We also designed the precast ferro cement boxes that are inserted into the walls, which act as a display place where the products could be seen from both inside and outside.


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