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A Temple for Working

Founded in 1995, Studio Naqshbandi is rooted in the essence and philosophy of Auroville.

The studio believes in offering an immersive sensorial experience through ARCHITECTURE, INTERIOR DESIGN and LANDSCAPING for each project.

The studio’s built creations aim at finding the right balance between Man-Nature-Economy, while offering a holistic approach to the science of building by using biologically enhancing and environmentally friendly building technologies which are rooted in the local context of climate and culture. The boutique set up allows one to give the necessary time to research, develop and experiment.


  "We aspire to bring simplicity and beauty without being austere;

   rich in details without being ostentatious;

   sensorial without being overpowering."


Studio Naqshbandi’s portfolio of completed projects is diverse ranging from large institutional projects to small residential renovations showcasing customized design solutions offered by the team. Each client is important and brings a new set of problems and promise to be explored.




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2024 , Featured in The RIBA Journal , Project: The Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Centre  (SAIL) Read article


2024 Winner, Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Category: Mercantile Showroom

2024 Winner, Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Category: Women Architect in Forefront


2024, Commendation Prize IIID Women's Day Design Awards, Collaborative Stories alongside Puneet Brar

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