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Client: Mr. Karuna

Year: 2019-present

Location: Bommayapalayam, near Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Built Up Area: - 2335m²

Site Area: - 5200m²

Type: Boutique Retreat

Team: Mona Doctor-Pingel, Ridho Cairns, Renuka Gupta, Abishek P, Geetika Tyagi

Structure: NPC Builders, Pondicherry; Satprem Maini (Earth Institute), Auroville

Contractor: Mohan Ayynarppan

Waste Water Treatment: Dirk Nagel, Aqua Engineers

Electrical Engineering: David, Sredani Engineering Services

Photo credits: Mona Doctor_Pingel, Mihir Desai, Didier Larsen, Rishabh Falodia

Temple Tree Resort is a boutique resort and spa nestled within the forested outskirts of Auroville. Established in2011, it offers various luxuries like dining-lounge area overlooking a bio-pond, wheelchair accessible rooms around a courtyard, a state-of-the-art wellness centre, a Watsu Pool for aquatic therapy and an outdoor swimming pool set amidst nature.

Temple Tree Resort evokes a deep sense of serenity and beauty emerged as an ideal place for restoring and revitalizing the body, mind and soul. The seamless balance between the interior and exterior enriches the feeling of harmony and peace within; as one takes in the detailed curated landscape.

   "A meeting place of the land and the sky,

   a dialogue between the nature and the observer."

The single and double storey cottages are meticulously designed and soulfully crafted integrating the Eastern and Western artistic and architectural elements. The holistic use of materials, raw concrete structural elements, black cuddapah floor, designer wooden furniture is what provides warmth and adds character to the rooms. Every room at Temple Tree Resort has been named after the significance of a flower, assigned by The Mother and has a hand painted entrance signage, a wall mural and a ceramic art that captures the beauty of each flower, carrying a silent message. While the eyes and the mind ponder the details, the heart is filled with the beauty that each flower brings to us enhancing the experience at Temple tree retreat even further.


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