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Nestled within the forested outskirts of Auroville lies Temple Tree Retreat, a boutique hotel established in 2011 and designed by Studio Naqshbandi, Auroville. Currently we are adding a substantial wing ( under construction) and when finished it will be a tropical landscape of two acres consisting several cottages totaling twenty ensuite rooms, a dining-lounge area overlooking a bio-pond, wheelchair accessible rooms, an Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, a Watsu Pool for aquatic therapy and a vast state-of-the-art outdoor pool.

Temple Tree Retreat has been designed and curated to evoke the essence of serenity and beauty. An atmosphere of privacy and quiet that curtails the hustle and bustle of urban life. Upon entering, one is greeted by the cooling shade of cashew, sandalwood and teak trees. Nearby is the bio-pond, where one can hear the pleasant splashing of a water fountain. A series of stepping stones invite one to cross over the pond and rest peacefully within the verandah lounge.

The architecture – all constructed by local labour and craftsmen – consists of a refined rustic material palette of exposed concrete, white plastered walls, black cuddapah flooring, teak wood frames, and terracotta tile roofing. This simplicity and rawness is complemented by the abundance of flowers, shrubs and lofty trees. Wandering the lush gardens or looking out from the deep verandahs, one observes an architecture that engages with both land and sky. Still reflections in the bio-pond, shadows cast by overhangs and canopies, and blades of grass painting every corner.

The architects and artists of Temple Tree Retreat – all of whom are residents of Auroville – have endeavoured to make each room a unique experience of tranquility and delight. Hand painted murals and wardrobe doors, ceramic artisan tiles and sculptures, give each of the guestrooms a vibrant individual experience.

Here, one will find a seamless balance between inside and outside; where buildings do not simply overlap the ground but are in harmony with the surrounding nature. The multitude of colours, textures and reflections between earth, water and sky, evokes a constant dialogue between nature and observer, leaving a rejuvenating impression to body, mind and spirit.


Client: Mr. Karuna

Year: 2019-present

Location: Bommayapalayam, near Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Built Up Area: - 2335m²

Site Area: - 5200m²

Type: Boutique Retreat

Team: Mona Doctor-Pingel, Ridho Cairns, Renuka Gupta, Abishek P, Geetika Tyagi

Structure: NPC Builders, Pondicherry; Satprem Maini (Earth Institute), Auroville

Contrsctor: Mohan

Waste Water Treatment: Dirk Nagel, Aqua Engineers

Electrical Engineering: David, Sredani Engineering Services

Photo credits: Mona Doctor_Pingel, Mihir Desai, Didier Larsen, Rishabh Falodia

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