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Client: HP Rama – Auro University, Surat

Year: 2023

Location: Surat

Site Area: 9200 m²

Built Up Area: 2800 m²

Lanscaped Area: 2950 m²

Type: University Campus

Team: Mona Doctor-Pingel, Ojas Vyas , Suraj Dwiwedi, Alma Anna, Nehaa Bhawaraju, Prakash Raj, Roshita Sudhir, Nancy Agarwal, Ralph Sequeira, Renuka Gupta, Mihir R. Desai.

Structure: NPC Builders, Pondicherry

Contractor: Bhoomi Constructions, Ahmedabad + M/S DH Patel, Surat

MEPF: Artech Engineering, Ahmedabad

Waste water treatment: Aqua Engineers, Auroville

Acoustics: Sound Wizards, Auroville

Lighting: Light-Fish, Auroville

Interiors & Landscaping: Studio Naqshbandi, Interior design - Tushita Gandhi, Shrishti Art Studio

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The Sri Aurobindo Integral Learning Centre (SAILC) in Surat dedicated to Sri Aurobindo – his vision and thought – aspires to be a global hub for the youth to study and research in his philosophy and work. The building invites one on a journey of discovery with its beguiling simplicity and layered experience.

The built form surrounded by 2300sq.m of carefully designed ‘natural’ water bodies is ideated to give its users a sensorially rich spatial experience, helping them reach new heights of Integral consciousness. The interplay between indoors and outdoors is pivotal in the design of SAILC. The landscape interweaving the built form in the form of courtyards, harvesting lakes, planted trees, green roofs and bio-ponds help create a surreal world within. 

The simple material palette of the building consists of exposed load bearing brickwork and RCC roof, with kota stone flooring. Most of the spaces inside the building are naturally ventilated making use of passive solar techniques and bioclimatic design strategies for thermal comfort and cooling


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