This project is located within the Udyogam complex, which accommodates various small-scale food processing units and their staff/caretaker’s residences.

Before the design of Naturellement(jam and pickle production unit) and Avatar (syrup production unit), it was determined to begin the design and construction of the staff residence. This gave the opportunity to test out various experiments with structure, material and detailing, which could be later incorporated and improved upon for the production units.

The challenge lied in creating a harmonious working and living environment which dealt with the ecological impacts of small-scale industries in an effective way. The underlying theme was both that the ‘Polluter Pays’ and the ‘Polluter Stays’, ensuring maximum care of the whole site in all respects. A common architectural language evolved with the staff residence and the following buildings, using concrete flat roofs with cantilevering overhangs, interspersed with achakali brick and china mosaic clad vaults.

The client’s brief had asked for a staff residence for a single occupant, which could also accommodate a secondary office or a guest when needed.


Client: Martina Lundquist


Location: Udyogam Complex, Industrial Zone, Auroville

Built Up Area: 100 m²

Type: Restaurant

Architect: Mona Doctor Pingel


Structure: Mona Doctor-Pingel

Contractor: Mohan Constructions

Photo Credits: John Mandeen, Shiraz Panthaky