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Auroville Architects Monograph Series


Authored by Mona Doctor-Pingel

Forward by Balkrishna V. Doshi


Poppo (Reinhold Egbert) Pingel, born 1942, in Westphalia, Germany, has been working and living in Auroville, South India, since 1970. This unique International Township founded in 1968 based on the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is a source of inspiration to many architects around the world. This first major monograph of Poppo's work spans his career to date, the influences that formed him and continue to do so, as well as his contribution to Auroville. Highly personal in his approach, his architecture challenges the senses with its rustic quality while responding to the climate, landscape and culture of the place. The monograph provides a bio-sketch of the architect and profiles select projects. Personal perspectives from former students and associates give insight into the multiple layers that define his characteristic architecture. With contributions from Suhasini Ayer-Guigan, Durganand Balsavar, Preeti Chopra, Brigitte Jacob, Wolfgang Schache, Elmar Schenkel, Poonam Verma Mascarenhas and Franz-Josef Vollmer.


AUTHOR: Mona Doctor-Pingel

FORWARD: Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi

DESIGN: Nidhi Sah / Mapin Design Studio

PUBLISHER: Grantha Corporation

YEAR: 2012


CONTRIBUTORS: Durganand Balsavar, Poonam Verma Mascarenhas, Franz-Joseph Vollmer, Preeti Chopra, Suhasini Ayer-Guigan


ISBN: 978-1935677116

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