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September 28th - October 2nd ,

Workshop: Teaching Climate Responsive Design Approach, Institute of Design Education & Architectural Studies, Nagpur

See Poster

July 11th,

Online Review, Sixth Semester, Working Drawings, IDEA School of Architecture, Ahmedabad. 

June 18th-20th,

Online Review, International Essay Competition: Role of Architecture in Nation Building, Council of Architecture.

June 17th -18th, 20th,

Online Jury, Fourth Semester,  Housing Studio, NIRMA School of Architecture, Ahmedabad.

June 9th,

Online Dialogue with Dean D'Cruz titled "Creative Communities", COAsocial dialogue # 3, curated by Council of Architecture.

June 1st,

Online Jury, Final Year Design Thesis, Sushant School of Architecture, Delhi.

April 30th,

Online Talk, Architects Connect 2.0: From Within to Without, for ACEDGE / ETHOS.



September 28th,

Talk: Building Technologies in Auroville, Journey of Auroville: Baroda Festival , IIID Baroda.

August 23th,

Onsite Talk : Deepanam, a Case Study for Second Year Students, Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College Of Engineering, Chennai. 

August 11th-26th,

PITStudio_Pan India Travelling Studio with Pratyush Shankar and Gurjit Singh Matharoo. link

May 13th - 19th,

Faculty, Basics of Building Biology (Baubiologie), at Summer Winter School, instructed by Mona Doctor-Pingel and Rene Janssen, Auroville. See Poster

March 21st - 24th,

Keynote Address, Journeying to Oneness through Architecture in Auroville, at the Lorne Sculpture Biennale: Creating Utopia conference, Australia.

February 18th,

Jury Member, NDTV Design and Architecture Awards, Delhi.


September 23rd,

Lecture & site visit: Deepanam School,  A Case Study for Second Year Students, School of architecture, Vinayaka Missions University, Salem

September 2nd,

Jury member, National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA): ANDC trophy - Reimagining alternative urban spaces, Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering, Chennai. 

March 8th,

Chief Guest and Presentation: An Inner Journey: From Within to Without, on the occasion of International Women's Day ,Sri Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture, Nagpur.


December 15th,

Lecture: Sense of Place Between the Tangible & Intangible, FEED ( Forum for Excellence in Education and Design), Pune. See Poster

October 21st-27th

Paper : Gujarat earthquake - Indian experiences and lessons for Nepal, International Conference on Ensuring Resilient and sustainable energy future, organised by FAEM, Nepal.

August 30th-31st,

Jury Member, National awards for excellence in Architectural Thesis, West Zone, National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA), Pune.

July 29th - August 26th,

PITStudio Pan Indian Travelling Studio, 2016, 2nd edition, with Pratyush Shankar and Gurjit Singh Matharoo. See Poster

January 14th,

Lecture: An Inner Journey_Raga Bhairavi, State Of Architecture, organised by Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI) at The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai.

April 9th,

Lecture: An Auroville Experience, IIA, Auranagbad Center, Maharashtra Chapter, Aurangabad.


November 1st-7th,

Mentor & Organizer: Auroville Sustainability Workshop, with Architect-Urban Planner Lalit Bhati, for Rachina Sansad Masters Programme in Environmental Architecture.

Missing Date

UG Thesis Guide, Tejaswi Balachander, CEPT_SID, Topic: Auroville: Reconciling the personal within the collective.

September 20th-25th,

Paper Presentation: Energy Efficiency in Buildings, A Case Study of Warm-Humid Tropical Zone, Alumni workshop, Organized by DAAD, 25 Years Celebration at Europa University, EEM course, Flensburg, Germany.

August 12th,13th

Jury Member, National awards for excellence in architectural Thesis, East Zone, National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA), Kolkata.

August 2nd-21st 

PITStudio Pan Indian Travelling Studio ( PITS) 2015, 1st Edition, with Rajesh Renganathan and Gurjit Singh Matharoo. See Booklet

July 15th,

Guest of Honor & National advisory Board member : International Conference on Sustainable technologies in Building and Environment, organised by Sathyabama University, Chennai. 

July 3rd-6th,

Curated Photo Exhibition of Built works & Panel discussion : Architecture of the Senses, at Incite Gallery, MMB Bangalore. link

March 25th-26th,

Exhibition of works & Panel Discussion: Architecture of the Senses, SAP Chennai, Goethe Institute & Auroville Festival in Chennai. link

February 13th-15th,

Jury Member, Kurula Varkey Forum 2015, CEPT Ahmedabad.

January 29th - 31st, 

Advisory Board Member, Conference: Thanima _Reinventing Design Pedagogy and Contextual Aesthetics, NIT, Calicut.

January 26th,

Lecture: Building Technologies in Auroville, 2015 National National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA), MIDAS, Chennai.

January 6th,

Lecture: Building Technologies in Auroville, for GD Goenka University, Gurugram, organised by Auroville Bamboo Center Workshop.


November 28th,

Lecture: Sustainability a Way of Life, AIKTC college of architecture, Mumbai, organised by Auroville Bamboo Center. 

November 5th,

Lecture: Sustainability a Way of Life, Rachna Sansad masters programme in environmental architecture, organised by CSR, Auroville Towards Sustainable Habitats. 

October - December,

Adjunct Teaching Faculty with Professor Wulf Boie, Europa University, Germany, EEM - Masters of Energy & Environment Management. Rational Use of Energy & Energy Auditing.

September 22nd,

Lecture: Building Technologies in Auroville, for third year students, Pillai College Mumbai, organised by  Auroville Bamboo Center. 

September 7th,

Lecture: Building Technologies in Auroville, Understanding Holistic Sustainability Perspectives in Architecture Education: Issues, Trends & opportunities, organised by AV Sustainability Institute, Center guest house, Auroville.

August 30th, 

Jury member: IGBC/CII/DAIKIN Annual competition, Prevention Over Prescription for Architecture and Design Student Competition, at Shah Rukh Mistry Associates, Bangalore.

June 18th,

Lecture: Building Technologies in Auroville, Intensifying Utilization of Renewable Energy Technologies for Propelling Development of Asian Developing Countries, MES School of Architecture, Calcutta, 2nd Year Students, at Auroville Bamboo Center. 

May 30th,

Lecture: Inside Outside Continuum - An Auroville Experience, Green Interiors: Health, Comfort and Sustainably Built Indoors, organised by IIID/IGBC/CII at Mumbai

April 4th, 

Paper presentation: Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Performance Evaluation of Naturally Ventilated Buildings in Hot-Humid at the international conference on Climate, Intensifying Utilization of Renewable Energy Technologies for Propelling Development of Asian Developing Countries, BTU - University of Brandenburg, Cottbus, Germany.


December 28th Jury,

Panelist for Discussion on Sustainability, 21 : Inspire, Innovate, Sustain, IIA national Conference, Chennai 

December 9th,

Jury member: Undergrad Final Year, Urban Design Studio, Shopping Precincts of Delhi Revisited, SPA, Delhi. 

December 3rd,

Lecture: Introduction To Building Technologies In Auroville, MMC, Auroville.

November 24th,

Lecture: Studies & Challenges - Industrial Zone Of Auroville for final year students of Thanjavur School of Architecture.

November 12th,

Lecture: Energy Efficiency In Buildings : Performance Evaluation Of Naturally Ventilated Buildings In The Hot-Humid Zone Part of a Workshop Titled Towards Sustainable Habitats, Hosted by CSR, Auroville, Followed By Studio Visit.

October 7th-13th,

Convener: Indian Alumni Convention-Cum-Workshop on Renewable Energy & Sustainable Solutions For Remote Areas, Organized by Angiras Charitable Trust, held at Auroville and Pondicherry.

August 6th,

Lecture: Co-Creating Café: "Buildings For A Dignified Living. What Values Are Non-Negotiable?", Organized by Summer School - Sustainable Building And Design Workshop (Manu Gopalan).

July 6th,

Lecture: by Mona Doctor-Pingel & Poppo Pingel, Organized by IIA Kolhapur. 

March 7th,

Talk: Sustainable Habitats Workshop , Hosted at MMC, Auroville.


Lecture: Organized & Hosted at University Berkeley, UCB, California.


September 7th-8th

Jury Member, National awards for excellence in architectural Thesis, West Zone, National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA), Mumbai.


Jury & Lecture , Organized by SRM University, Chennai, Held at NASA 2009.

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