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The studio offers a holistic approach to the science of building by using biologically enhancing and environmentally friendly building technologies which are rooted in the local context of climate and culture.

Founded in 1995 and rooted in the essence and philosophy of Auroville, the small studio set up allows one to give the necessary time to research, develop and experiment. Each client is unique and brings her/his own sense and sensibility as well as pragmatic and budgetary constraints. These are seen as opportunities by the studio to find the right solution to each requirement. We aspire to bring simplicity and beauty without being austere; rich in details without being ostentatious; sensorial without being overpowering.

Working with architecture, interior design and landscaping simultaneously on every project allows us to enhance the sensory experience through the built form and create a space that responds to the surroundings bringing in Nature and a sense of wellbeing.





Doshi .jpg

Balkrishna Doshi at Studio Naqshbandi- 2012 

Balkrishna Doshi Obituary 

by Mona Doctor-Pingel

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