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Client: Elizabeth

Year: 2015–2018

Location: Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Built Up Area: 87m²

Type: Residence

Team: Mona Doctor-Pingel, Melina Weidera, Pratha Bhagat, Ines Dahl, Roshita Sudhir

Structure: Studio Naqshbandi

Contractor: Basker, Nala Builders 

Photo Credits: Mona Doctor-Pingel

This project was recieved as renovation of an existing old keeth house in a dilapidated state for our client Elizabeth residing in the green belt of Auroville. Rains, animals and security were major concerns of the client and the key criterion was to find low cost building solutions due to minimal budget.

The intervention includes what is existing, keeping the columns and its base intact, and renovating only the plinth. The client's demand to shift the entrance for aesthetics and vastu concerns; was catered to by converting the existing entry into an attached bathroom. A small kitchenette was artistically incorporated in the Ground floor . A new internal staircase helped connect directly with the first floor maintaining utmost security, also offering an open air balcony.

Whole ground floor is mosquito proofed and protected by red colour MS grill, which stands out as a unique (at an angle allows for more space) low cost design element. Continuing the same language the new (octagonal with wind exhaust) roof is designed with MS rafter structure with GI sheets.

To see full Elizabeth House process documentaton, click the PDF link...


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