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Client: Elizabeth Bouef

Year: 1995, extension 2000, 2011

Location: Auroville, Tamil Nadu 

Built Up Area: 120m²

Type: Residence

Team: Mona Doctor-Pingel, Deval Gandhi

Structure: Mona Doctor-Pingel

Contractor: A K Das

Photo Credits: Andreas Deffner, Prisma 

Elievidu is one of the first projects done independantly by Studio Naqshbandi and the first 'dome without ring forces' constructued in Auroville as per the method of architect Gernot Minke of Kassel University, Germany. It is also the first building for Yantra community along with Samarpan residence. 

We were asked to present the density and layout for the whole Yantra site to the planning groups at that time. Along with this vision, we also set out the basic guidelines which stipulated that all buildings including those that would eventually be built as and when new clients came, would 

- adhere to building with domes and vaults as a common language.

- use compressed earth blocks / locally available fired bricks for load bearing construction with minimum use of concrete.

- aim to incorporate principles of Building Biology with ecological building technologies

- all buildings to be naturally ventilated and use of DC current (12V) via rooftop solar panels for all electricity in the residences 

- use of natural materials which ensure well being of the resident, for example natural rough cuddapah stone flooring, lime wash for internal walls, etc.

- keep as far as possible all indigenous trees already existing on the site.

- reuse of recycled waste water for fruit trees or fragrant bushes near the soak pits / biological waste water treatment

- ensure minimum rain water run off from the entire site to the canyon side.

In those days, we were fortunate to also calculate and design the structural system for the buildings. All infrastrucutre and landscape design was done by the studio and excution was done by a single contractor.


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